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Current Edition
Erchamp 2022

Hi! The next edition of the Championship is approaching. As in previous years, ER Champ 2022 will also be held entirely online. We will tell you honestly that we like this form because in this way we can meet amazing people from all over the world!

ER Champ 2022

As always, the 3rd online competition will be held in November. The eliminations will take place on November 5, and the grand finale, for which the top 100 teams will qualify, will take place 3 weeks later - November 26.

Before the eliminations, we will do a stress test with players, but we will inform you about the planned date a bit later.

Those who want to take part in our competition for the first time this year, are invited to the Rules tab and Our games, which can be played as part of training before the competition.

We will gradually release more information, including the much-anticipated awards announcement.

We are in touch!

How to

To participate in the championship, you must have a team of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people. When creating a team, just create an account on this page, name the team and invite other players to join it. If you want to join an already existing team, wait for an invitation from its captain. Participation in the championship is completely free.

Free attendance
Team of 2-4 players


  • What is ER Champ?

    ER Champ is an Open Escape Room Team Championship. It is the fifth edition. First edition took place in 2017.

  • What does it mean that the championship is open?

    This year, even people who don't speak Polish can take part in ER Champ. It will make the game easier, when one of the team members doesn't speak Polish. During the online eliminations, teams will be able to choose English language.

  • How much does it cost to participate in ER Champ?

    ER Champ always was and still is free.

  • How many and what stages are there on ER Champ?

    In 2021, ER Champ consists of two stages. First, there will be online qualifications and then the grand finale, which, exceptionally, this year will also be online.

  • How will the first stage look like?

    This year - just like the previous editions - it will be online. Teams are going to play a point-and-click game. Every team mamber will be able to play on its own computer. Time starts counting when the eliminations start. About 100 teams with the best time result will advance to the second stage.

  • How will the final stage look like?

    The final stage will be a point and click game. Only about 100 teams that finish the eliminations fastest will take part in it!

  • Do I need any specialistic knowledge to participate in ER Champ?

    No, absolutely not. All you need is logical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and a love for escape rooms.

  • Can we start the game later?

    Of course you can. But you should be aware that the difference in start time will be working against you, as your time will be counted just like you'd start at the beginning. Timer will start precisely at 16:00 UTC on November 13th and there is no possibility to start counting time later, when the team will log in.

  • Who is the team captain?

    Team captain is a person who signed up the team for ER Champ. The captain keeps his role till the end of the championship. A team can't change the captain.

  • Is it possible to change the team during the championship?


  • Can all team members play on the same computer?

    No. The game should be played on at least two computers. However, we recommend each player to play on his/her own computer.

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