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Find out more about this year's edition of ER Champ. Learn about the rules of each stage, create a team and participate

Current edition

This year, teams from all over the world will fight in two stages - qualifications and the grand finale. This year, as in the previous one, due to the pandemic, all stages of the competition will be held online. Teams of 2-4 people can take part in the competition, and participation is completely free. The qualification stage will take place on November 13th at 16 UTC.

Subsequently, the top 100 teams will be invited to the grand finale that will determine the championship team.

This year, the competition will tackle the story of a boy named Ethan Rosenberg, who went missing under mysterious circumstances. As a group of investigators, you'll have to figure out what happened and where Ethan is. And if you find him... We won't reveal it now! To learn the full story, you must take part in all stages of the championship. This is the first edition where you will be taking part in the same story from the stress test to the finale

One of the prizes of this year's championship for the winners of the first three places will be sets of all this year's premieres of Board & Dice board games, funded by the publishing house. Each team will receive its own set of games: Mandala Stones, Origins: First Builders, Tabannusi: Builders of Ur, and Zapotec.

The main prize for the first-place winners is the Oculus Quest 2 set, funded by Bluekey, which is a new company founded by Gamedust (creator and publisher of VR games). In addition, the three best teams will be allowed to put their image/nickname or other forms of signature in one of the first three escape rooms, shown in the VR game released at the beginning of 2022.


Stress test

On September 18, 2021, a stress test of the ER Champ elimination system will be held on the championship website (https://erchamp.com). Players wishing to take part in the championship will play a point-and-click game. The game will last about 10-15 minutes and will be a narrative introduction to the story of the online eliminations that you will face at a later stage.

What is the purpose of a stress test?

The test has a dual purpose - for us, as organizers, it will serve to test the server load, catching any errors and inconveniences, to be able to improve the system before the actual elimination game. For you - that is for players - it will be a tutorial game, thanks to which you will learn to navigate the game screen, the mechanics of using/combining items, the general rules of the game and you will be introduced to the plot of the championship. That is why it is so important to find some time for that.

It is worth being with us on this day - people who take part in the system test will receive a badge in their profile on Lockme. This will be your only chance to get it.

The tutorial game can also be played later, but the badge will only be awarded to those who play between 16:00 UTC (4pm) and 17:00 UTC (5pm).

What to do to participate?

Before you can join the stress test, you will need to create a team first


The eliminations for ER Champ 2021 will take place on November 13 at 16:00 UTC.

What you need to do to participate in ER Champ 2021?

In order to take part in the competition, you must first form a team, which consists of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players. Remember that if any of the team members are underage, please send us the consent of the legal guardian to participate in the competition to the address hello@erchamp.com no later than the day of the elimination.

It is best to log into the game several minutes before starting the game. The competition will take place at: https://erchamp.com

Before the game, it is worth reading the FAQ and archival articles on our blog.

Faq: Here

How to build a team of winners: Here

User manual for the interface: Here

What is Lockme: Here

How does the gameplay look like?

ER Champ 2021 is a point-and-click game. It is available in 2 language versions - Polish and English. Each player on the team should play on their computer - we do not prohibit playing on phones, but some elements of the game may not appear on them, and the game itself will be uncomfortable. The game progress is the same for the entire team, but it may happen that individual team members will be in different rooms and will not have a common inventory. You can find the interface manual here: https://erchamp.com/pl/aktualnosci/instrukcja-interkietasu-etapu-otykacyjnych-polandescape

Important - all teams start the game at the same time! Regardless of when you log into the game, the countdown begins on November 13 at 16:00 UTC.

Who wins and what will happen next?

The first 100 teams who complete the elimination stage will advance to the final stage on November 27th. Details can be found in the competition regulations.


This year - as in the previous one - the final stage of the competition will be held online. On November 27, 100 first teams to complete the elimination stage in the shortest time will compete for the title of ER Champ 2021 world champions!

What does the finale look like?

The finale is a continuation of the elimination story and is also point-and-click and online. The mechanics of the game are the same as in the tutorial and eliminations. All teams start the game at the same time, and the one that completes all tasks fastest wins.

One of the prizes of this year's championship for the winners of the first three places will be sets of all this year's premieres of Board & Dice board games, funded by the publishing house. Each team will receive its own set of games: Mandala Stones, Origins: First Builders, Tabannusi: Builders of Ur, and Zapotec.

How to

To participate in the championship, you must have a team of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people. When creating a team, just create an account on this page, name the team and invite other players to join it. If you want to join an already existing team, wait for an invitation from its captain. Participation in the championship is completely free.

Free attendance
Team of 2-4 players


  • What is ER Champ?

    ER Champ is an Open Escape Room Team Championship. It is the fifth edition. First edition took place in 2017.

  • What does it mean that the championship is open?

    This year, even people who don't speak Polish can take part in ER Champ. It will make the game easier, when one of the team members doesn't speak Polish. During the online eliminations, teams will be able to choose English language.

  • How much does it cost to participate in ER Champ?

    ER Champ always was and still is free.

  • How many and what stages are there on ER Champ?

    In 2021, ER Champ consists of two stages. First, there will be online qualifications and then the grand finale, which, exceptionally, this year will also be online.

  • How will the first stage look like?

    This year - just like the previous editions - it will be online. Teams are going to play a point-and-click game. Every team mamber will be able to play on its own computer. Time starts counting when the eliminations start. About 100 teams with the best time result will advance to the second stage.

  • How will the final stage look like?

    The final stage will be a point and click game. Only about 100 teams that finish the eliminations fastest will take part in it!

  • Do I need any specialistic knowledge to participate in ER Champ?

    No, absolutely not. All you need is logical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and a love for escape rooms.

  • Can we start the game later?

    Of course you can. But you should be aware that the difference in start time will be working against you, as your time will be counted just like you'd start at the beginning. Timer will start precisely at 16:00 UTC on November 13th and there is no possibility to start counting time later, when the team will log in.

  • Who is the team captain?

    Team captain is a person who signed up the team for ER Champ. The captain keeps his role till the end of the championship. A team can't change the captain.

  • Is it possible to change the team during the championship?


  • Can all team members play on the same computer?

    No. The game should be played on at least two computers. However, we recommend each player to play on his/her own computer.

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