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Erchamp 2023

This year's edition of ER Champ is approaching! Here is the first info we want to share with you!


Elimination stage for the competition will be (as every year) online. We have scheduled this stage for June 24 at 16 UTC. Why so early, you will ask? Because...


The finale is going back to the offline formula! And we are so happy that we will be able to meet with many of you live! We will reveal more about the finale a little later - on the elimination day at the latest. However, we can already tell you that the finale will take place in the autumn, in Poland.


As always, we also plan to test game and the load on our servers. We would like to remind you that this stage is optional, but it is important for us, the developers, to see if everything we have worked on for months works as it should. The stress test is also an integral part of the story behind ER Champ 2023. And believe us, it is great!


For those who are planning to join our competition for the first time this year, please visit the Rules and Our Games tabs.

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How to

To participate in the championship, you must have a team of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people. When creating a team, just create an account on this page, name the team and invite other players to join it. If you want to join an already existing team, wait for an invitation from its captain. Participation in the championship is completely free.

Free attendance
Team of 2-4 players


  • What is ER Champ?

    ER Champ is an Open Escape Room Team Championship. It is the sixth edition of the championship. The first edition took place in 2017.

  • What does it mean that the championship is open?

    This year, even people who don't speak Polish can take part in ER Champ. It will make the game easier, when one of the team members doesn't speak Polish. During the online eliminations, teams will be able to choose English language.

  • How much does it cost to participate in ER Champ?

    ER Champ always was and still is free.

  • Do I need any specialistic knowledge to participate in ER Champ?

    No, absolutely not. All you need is logical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and a love for escape rooms.

  • Can we start the game later?

    Of course you can. But you should be aware that the difference in your start time will work against you. Your timer will start running just as the event starts: precisely at 16:00 UTC on November 5, and there is no option to postpone the timer start until after your team has logged in..

  • Who is the team captain?

    The team captain is the person who signed up the team for ER Champ. The captain keeps their role till the end of the championship. A team can't change the captain.

  • Is it possible to change the team during the championship?


  • Can all team members play on the same computer?

    No. The game should be played on at least two computers. However, we recommend each player to play on his/her own computer.

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