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A co-creator

You can support our team in creating the biggest escape room championship. Here you can learn more about that.

Become the ambassador of the championship

Do you love escape rooms and all kinds of puzzles or riddles? Are you a reviewer, blogger, or do you promote brain-develpoing gameplay? Maybe we are looking for you! Become an ambassador of the international ER Champ in your country.

Join us if:

  • You are a recognizable person in your country and you have a reach that allows you to promote escape room games, logic puzzles, and escape rooms
  • You are an energetic person who wants to help develop a community of hard-thinking gaming enthusiasts
  • You want to contribute to an international event, although you do not want to take part in it as a competitor

What challenges await the ER Champ ambassador?

The role of the ambassador is primarily to represent ER Champ in their country and publicize this event. The ambassador will also be responsible for supporting communication between the creators of the championship and participants and interested people from a given country. So, are you in?

If you are not sure or have any concerns about this challenge, just send us a message! We will try to dispel all your doubts.

What will you get in return?

Fame and rightfully given honors for your contribution to the promotion of both the championship and the world of escape rooms and all sorts of puzzles that improve the condition of the human brain. You will become a part of our international community, whose members, when they see a closed door, start to wonder where the key is hidden and if you really only need one. ER Champ Hall of Fame is waiting just for you.

Submit your candidacy

Become a member of the program team

Are puzzles and riddles your bread and butter? Would you like to use your talent to create logical tasks, which have not been fully used so far? Become a member of our team responsible for preparing the challenges for this year's Championship. We want to provide this year's participants with entertainement at the highest level, different than before. We will acheive this thanks to new initiators whose points of view may be signigicantly different from ours.

Of course, we have a few requirements that you need to meet:

  • You must have the ability to create puzzles and riddles that fit in with the style of ER Champ. People who have participated in previous editions of the championship or played our ER Champ games certainly know what we are talking about
  • It would be great if a member of the programming team had experience in escape room games - the bigger the better


  • We will ask you ti sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with us
  • For obvious reasons, you will not be able to take part in ER Champ 2022

Your contributions to the creation of this year's edition of ER Champ will be rightfully noted and you will become part of the history of the international escape room championships. As a c-creator, you will receive written confirmation of your commitment and confirmation of your fantastic competencies, which will make thousands of players cry and grind their teeth over the puzzle you have invented. You will become a part of our international community of fans of hard solutions.

Are you with us?

If you think that we are looking for you and you want to take the challenge by becoming a co-creator of the international ER Champ 2022 championship, write to us immediately

Submit your candidacy

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