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World escape room championship Live Final Event

October 7, 2023 | Wrocław, Poland

In 2023, we return to the finale in real escape rooms! On this occasion, we have prepared a special event, during which the best teams from around the world will fight for the title of World Champion, and you, sitting in the audience, will be able to cheer them on!


  • 11:00

    Opening the gates

    From 11:00 you will be able to enter the Hydropolis area to take your seats in the fan zone and prepare for cheering. The number of seats in the audience is limited.

  • 11:30

    Start of the livestream

    Half an hour before the start of the competition we will start a video coverage of the event. At the beginning, we will discuss this year's room scenarios and present the profiles of the teams. The livestream will have full commentary in English.

  • 12:00

    Start of the competition

    While the players will play in rooms built for this occasion, you will be able to:

    • watch the competitions on the big screen and support their struggles live,
    • talk to teams that have just finished the game,
    • attend the premiere of our new Side Quest board game,
    • win the opportunity to play in the final rooms during the afterparty,
    • use the board game zone from FoxGames,
    • meet escape room lovers - just like you!.
  • 19:00

    Awards ceremony and afterparty

    We will open the entire Hydropolis for you, where an afterparty will take place in a special chillout zone. During its duration:

    • there will be an award ceremony for ER Champ players,
    • we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Polish escape room industry,
    • the winners of the competition will play in the final rooms.

Event location


Hydropolis Center for Ecological Education

Hydropolis is an extraordinary place - a center of knowledge about water combined with a modern form of the exhibition. The museum is located in a 19th-century underground tank of clean water, which served its function until the 21st century.

Through the use of modern multimedia technologies, interactive installations, replicas, and models, MPWiK - the manager of the museum, wants to show water from different perspectives and convey to the recipients how valuable it is.


The competition

The finale

Especially for this occasion, we are building two dedicated scenarios. Contestants will have to go through two 20-minute escape rooms as quickly as possible. The story will be a continuation of the plot from the ER Champ 2023 eliminations.

You will be able to watch their struggles live in Hydropolis or in the form of a live stream at your home. Our commentators will keep commenting on the team's progress. We will also try to talk to each team after their turn and ask about their impressions of the game.

We will also try to talk to each team after their turn and ask about their impressions of the game.

The teams

The 10 best teams from around the world, which were selected in the online eliminations, take part in the competition.

The teams are:

  • 6 keys US

  • chungusPound US

  • Hydra JP

  • Merkantylizm PL

  • United Discord US

  • Les Wyrds FR

  • Team Paul's Clever Name US

  • Les Boulets FR


  • Dopimino PL

Hydropolis Hydropolis


For those of you who decide to buy a ticket and come to support the teams in Hydropolis, we have prepared a number of attractions!

  • Game zone

    During the event, you will be able to spend time at the stand of FoxGames - a publishing house responsible, among others, for the Polish version of the Escape Room games. In the zone you will be able to play FoxGames games with other participants of the event and thus meet new people with similar interests!

  • Side quest premiere

    On the day of the ER Champ finals, the premiere of the first Side Quest game, announced for months, is released - a new series of escape room games created by Lockme, the organizer of the event. Side Quest is the successor to the world-famous Escape Tales series. At the stand we will present you the game Side Quest: Nemesis.

  • Contest

    During the contest, you will be able to take part in the only such competition and win the opportunity to play two final escape rooms. The game will be possible on the same day - during the evening afterparty. Be the first in the world to play this unique scenario!

  • Fan zone

    In a specially prepared Hydropolis room, we will prepare a fan zone for you, where you will be able to follow the players' struggles. The competition will be streamed on the big screen. Participation in the event is also a unique opportunity to talk to the ER Champ finalists and ask about the recipe for their success!

  • The afterparty

    During the evening after party, after a short introduction and summary of this year's competition, we will announce the results and give prizes to the winners. We will also celebrate the 10th anniversary of the escape room industry in Poland, and the winners of the competition will play in the final escape rooms.

During the event, a cafe will be available at all times where you can buy drinks and snacks.

Event location

This year, the ER CHAMP 2023 final will be held at the Hydropolis Center for Ecological Education. It is one of the most recognizable places in Wrocław with a long history.


Hydropolis is an extraordinary museum located in a 19th-century underground tank for clean water. The facility was an underground reservoir, which had been used for drinking water since the 19th century, and served its function until 2011.

Since 2015, the center of water knowledge has been located here. Using modern technology - multimedia projections, interactive installations, replicas, and models, the manager of the museum wants to show water from different perspectives and make visitors aware of how important it is for our planet. The exhibition is divided into several thematic zones

Hydropolis Hydropolis Hydropolis Hydropolis

Organizers and collaborators


  • iTopissimi

  • Daisuke Yamakata

    Daisuke Yamakata
  • Sandra Janrell

    Sandra Janrell
  • IndianaJohan


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