Before starting the PolandEscape online qualifications, it's good to get familiar with the game interface. Game is played only within it's graphical interface. It means that nothing outside of the page with a game screen is required to finish the game.

Elements of the interface:

  1. Game screen - here you will see rooms that the players will visit throughout the game. In the rooms, there are puzzles and items needed to solve them. Players solve puzzles only within this space.
  2. Movement arrows - they are used for moving around the rooms (left and right). In case of zooming on an object in a room, left arrow is used for zooming out.
  3. Inventory - here are displayed items collected by the team during the game. Next to every item, there are three buttons, used for interacting with an item: "Use  item" (a), "Combine with other item" (b), "View item" (c). To use an item, you have to click option (a) and then click element on a game screen you want to interact with. To combine two elements that are currently in your inventory, click button (b) on one of the items, and then click the second item. Both those actions can be accomplished by dragging one item onto another. In that case, please remember, that you can have a problem with using an item with precision.
  4. Messages - they are mostly answers to players actions. Messages can, for example, inform the player if given answer to a puzzle is correct or not. They can also display really dry jokes, which are our speciality.
  5. Answer input field - here you can type answer in order to solve a puzzle during the game. Answers can consist of any character, and capitalization does not matter.
It's worth to remember that actions of every team member are processed by the game sequentially, so too many clicks by many players can slow the game down for the whole team. So it's good to make sure there's a good comunication within the team and to not click at random.

Before you start, we also recommend to play tutorial and try to finish last year qualifications. If you do that, team will be familiar with the interface and you won't waste time for getting used to it :)