On September 12, the online qualifications for the Escape Room Championship - ERChamp 2020 will take place. Participation is completely free and you can win attractive prizes!

We invite you to participate in the qualifying rounds for the Escape Room Championships. The elimination game is a cooperative version of a point and click game for teams of 2-4 people. Anyone can take part in the competition for free.

What do you have to do to take part in the championship?

  1. To participate in the competition, you must belong to a team with 2-4 members. To set up a team, you must have an account on lock.me and go to lock.me/erchamp to fill out the form for creating a team. Team members are invited by entering their e-mail addresses to which they will get invitations.
  2. If any member of the team is a minor, he/she must send a certificate from the legal guardian with permission to play the address hello@erchamp.com.
  3. Participation in the competition is completely free

What does the gameplay look like?

  1. The elimination game is an escape room in the form of a point and click game. 
  2. Each team will have access to the game at the same time.
  3. The game is available in 3 language versions - Polish, English and German.
  4. Each player on a given team should play on their own computer.
  5. The progress of the game for the entire team is the same, but it may happen that individual team members will be in different rooms and will not have a common inventory.
  6. Get familiar with the game interface at https://erchamp.com/pl/aktualnosci/instrukcja-interfejsu-etapu-eliminacyjnego-polandescape

Who wins?

All teams that will finish the game within 120 minutes will pass to the final stage, which will take place on November 21, 2020. If fewer than 100 teams will complete the stage within that time, the first 100 teams to complete the stage will advance the finale. A reserve list will be created for the teams that will finish the stage later.