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ER Champ is an international escape room competition in which teams from around the world compete for the best result in solving escape room puzzles

What does the gameplay look like?

ER CHamp is a point-and-click game. Each player on the team should play on their computer - we do not prohibit playing on phones, but some elements of the game may not be displayed on them, and the game itself will be uncomfortable. The progress of the game for the entire team is the same, but it may happen that individual team members will be in different rooms and will ont have a common inventory.

ER Champ is a competition in which participants compete for prizes. The main prize, as well as the prizes for the 2nd and 3rd place, are announced no later than one week before the beginning of the elimination stage of the Championship.

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How to join the game? It's easy!

Here are the most important things you need to know about the ER Champ platform to start playing in the competition.

1 - you need a team

Teams of 2 to 4 players can take part in the game. Moreover, everyone must have their own computer to play - just as if you were in a real escape room! And when you have players...

2 - Each team member must have an account

Your team's progress is shared by all members, but it can happen that each player can be in a different room at the same time. Therefore, it is not possible to play on one computer. Each member can create an account on the platform or be invited. In the second option, the team captain registers or, if he already has an account, logs in at https://erchamp.com, and then, when joining the game, gives the email addresses of the rest of the crew. Each player must accept the invitation, which they will receive on the e-mail given by the captain, thus joining the game.
Important! If you are underage, you can take part in the competition, but you must provide us with the written consent of your legal guardian no later than the start of the elimination stage. Please send us your consent by e-mail.

3 - And the game begins

ER Champ 2022 will be held completely online, just like in the previous two years. It will consist of 2 stages - eliminations and the finale. Due to the online form of the game, many teams from around the world can take part in the competition, the number of which is growing every year! Other important news - participation in the Championship is completely free!

What else do you need to know?

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    The competition is held fully online

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    Changing the composition of the team, in particular the captain and the name of the team, is only possible up to 24 hours before the start of the elimination stage.

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    What if the captain or another team member is unable to take part in the competition? Another person from the team can take the role of the captain. It is forbidden to add a new captain from other than the registered members. A team may still take part in the championship as long as it has a minimum of 2 active members.

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    A participant may be a member of only one team taking part in the championship.

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    It is forbidden for team members to take any actions to distort the natural course of the game, in particular through the use of technical measures affecting the gameplay mechanism, as well as making solutions available to other players in any way. It is also forbidden to give hints to other players during the games in any way, including on social media. For failure to comply with the above rules, the team may be disqualified.

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    Other, equally important rules can be found in the competition regulations, which you have to accept to participate in ER Champ, so please read them!

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