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ER Champ

ER Champ is an international escape room competition where teams from all over the world compete for the best score in solving escape rooms. Every year, the participants of these competitions can be counted in thousands, and this number is constantly growing. The event partners in previous years were brands such as X-Men: Dark Phoenix, City Wrocław, Traficar, BlueKey and Board&Dice.


ER Champ (previously Poland Escape) has been held annually since 2017. hat is when the first competition took place, attracting 1767 participants. The competition consisted of 3 stages. Online eliminations, regional stage and grand final in Wrocław. Apart from the first edition, the initial eliminations have always been a cooperative point and click game that all participants solve at the same time. The fastest teams advance to the next stage. The regional stage is already a game in real escape rooms built especially for this occasion. The grand finale that ends the competition is always a celebration for escape room enthusiasts.

Online editions

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Escape Room Championship has moved online from 2020. Three editions have already taken place entirely online. Although the players could not fight in actual, stationary escape rooms, the undeniable advantage of the 2020-2022 editios was the growing number of international teams. We can proudly say that the online editions of ER Champ attracted teams from almost every continent (except Antarctica!).

The ER Champ 2022 edition brought several novelties. The first of them was the assemble of the Program Council. This experimental move turned out to be a hit - a team of puzzle enthusiasts, whom you can see in the OUR TEAM tab, contributed to the creation of one of the best-rated editions in the history of our competition.

Another novelty in 2022 were live streams before each stage of the competition, watched by hundreds of players. We are glad that you welcomed our hosts so warmly! Olga and Paweł, told us a bit about the history of ER Champ and the current edition. We will definitely want to repeat it during the next Championships!

Our mission

From the very beginning, we have been organizing championships to promote the idea of escape rooms among lovers of riddles and puzzles, as well as people who have not had contact with this type of entertainment so far. We want to engage as many people as possible with the passion for escape rooms. Our games - even though they are not the easiest - can interest even people most resistant to puzzle challenges.

Who are the championship creators

The creator and the host of the event is Lock.me - an international marketplace for escape rooms. With Lockme, you can search, book, and rate escape rooms. Lock.me is also a co-creator of the best-selling escape room board game series - Escape Tales.

Organizers and collaborators


  • iTopissimi

  • Daisuke Yamakata

    Daisuke Yamakata
  • Sandra Janrell

    Sandra Janrell
  • IndianaJohan


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