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ER Champ

ER Champ is an international escape room competition in which teams from around the world compete for the best result in solving puzzle rooms. Every year, there are thousands of participants in these competitions, and this number is growing cyclically. The partners of events in previous years were such brands as X-Men: Dark Phoenix, City of Wrocław and Traficar.


ER Champ (previously Poland Escape), has been held since 2017. That is when the first competition took place, attracting 1767 participants. The competition consisted of 3 stages. Internet eliminations, regional stage, and the grand finale in Wrocław. Apart from the first edition, the initial eliminations have always been a cooperative point-and-click game that all participants solve at the same time. The fastest teams advance to the next stage. The regional stage is a game in real escape rooms, built especially for this occasion. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all stages since 2020 are online.

The grand finale that ends the competition is always a celebration for escape room enthusiasts.

Our mission

From the very beginning, we organize championships to promote the idea of escape rooms among escape room and puzzle game enthusiasts, as well people who have not had contact with this type of entertainment so far. We want to interest as many people as possible with the passion of escape rooms. Our games - although they are not the simplest - can attract even people who are the most resistant to puzzle games.

Who are the championship creators

The creator and the host of the event is Lock.me - an international marketplace for escape rooms. With Lockme, you can search, book, and rate escape rooms. Lock.me is also a co-creator of the best-selling escape room board game series - Escape Tales.

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