Meet ER Champ

ER Champ is an international escape room competition, where teams from all over the world compete to get the best score in solving puzzle rooms. Every year, participants in this competition can be counted in the thousands, and the number only keeps growing. Our partners in the previous years included such brands as X-Men Dark Phoenix, the City of Wrocław, Traficar, BlueKey, Board&Dice, and Hydropolis.

7 editions
Free participation
14 games


From the very beginning, our main goal when organizing the championship has been to promote the idea of escape rooms among players enthusiastic about puzzles and riddles, as well as raise interest among those who have never had any contact with this type of entertainment before. We want to infect as many people as possible with the passion of escaping from puzzle rooms. Our games - despite not being the easiest - garner interest from players across all levels of experience.


ER Champ, previously Poland Escape (the name of the competition for the first three editions), has been held annually since 2017. The first edition attracted 1,767 participants. The competition was held in a format consisting of 3 stages: online qualifications, a regional stage, and a grand final in Wrocław. Except for the first edition, the initial qualifications have always been a cooperative point-and-click game, with all participants playing at the same time. The best teams move on to the next stage. This was the regional stage, which took place in real, physical escape rooms, built specifically for the occasion. The grand final, which crowned the competition, was always a true celebration of escape rooms.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the championship had moved to the Internet in 2020. The next three editions were held completely online. Although the contestants could not compete in real, stationary escape rooms, the undeniable advantage of the 2020-2022 editions was the growing number of international teams. We are proud to say that the online editions of ER Champ were played by teams from every continent (except Antarctica).

The 2022 edition of ER Champ brought several innovations. The first of these was the establishment of the Program Team. This experimental step turned out to be a hit - a team of puzzle enthusiasts, whom you can see on the Program Team page, helped create one of the best player-rated editions in the history of our competitions.

Another novelty was the live streams before each stage of the competition, which were watched by hundreds of viewers. We are glad that you gave such a warm welcome to our hosts, Olga and Paweł, who said a bit about the history of ER Champ and the current edition. We'll definitely want to repeat this for future championships!

In 2023 we returned to running a live, in-person part of the competition. We took up the gauntlet and, in addition to the online qualifications, we organized the final of the competition in Wrocław for the top 10 teams. Live coverage of the event was viewed by more than 20,000 people from around the world. Competitors struggled with two 20-minute escape room scenarios.

Formula of the Championship

The competition consists of two stages. The online qualifications and the in-person finals. The online game is a cooperative point-and-click escape room game. The teams that complete this challenge the fastest qualify for the grand finals, where they compete against each other live in physical escape rooms.

How to join?

ER Champ editions

  • 2024

    Become the 2024 world champion!

  • 2023

    We return to the hybrid format with offline finals in Wrocław

    1692 Participants
    532 Teams
  • 2022

    The last edition played in a fully-online format

    2100 Participants
    660 Teams
  • 2021

    Another edition of ER Champ played exclusively online

    2670 Participants
    823 Teams
  • 2020

    Due to the pandemic, the competition has no offline stages

    2500 Participants
    723 Teams
  • 2019

    The championship becomes open to players from all over the world

    2800 Participants
    800 Teams
  • 2018

    The second championship in our history

    2750 Participants
    892 Teams
  • 2017

    The first edition of the championship

    1767 Participants
    537 Teams

Our Team


Lockme Logo

The event is organized by Lockme, an international marketplace for escape rooms. It can be used to search for, book and rate rooms. Lockme is also the co-creator of the best-selling Escape Tales escape room board game series and the Side Quest series.

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