ER Champ 2024

ER Champ 2020

After the great success of the ER Champ 2023 finale, which took place at the Hydropolis water museum in Wrocław, we started preparations for the upcoming edition with newfound energy. We also want to hold the ER Champ 2024 finals live! Take a look below for everything you need to know about this year's games.

Testing, testing, testing…

Conceptual work on ER Champ has long been finished. Stress test and qualification stage are now fully completed and playable, and our team is testing the games day and night to make sure there are no bugs. Testing of the qualification stage will continue until the day you get to play it - we believe it's better to test it 150 times than miss a single issue!

There are a lot of people overseeing this year's Championship - from members of the Program Team, responsible for the puzzles, to testers, developers and Ambassadors, helping us reach out to players from all over the world. To find out who is co-creating ER Champ 2024 with us, take a peek at the people tab.

Players have chosen

This year we asked our players to choose the story around which the Championship would be designed. Voting took place on our discord with almost 200 people participating. Of the 7 available stories, players chose the one - "TV-Maniacs".

TV-Maniacs is the story of a pair of TV geeks who spend their days in front of the TV screen. Due to some strange event, they are transferred to the TV world and cannot get out of it. How will the story end? Find out soon by taking part in ER Champ 2024!


Online games

2024 program team




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    Lockme is a worldwide marketplace of escape rooms. Currently, it has a database of almost 4,000 escape rooms in 13 European countries and supports 7 languages. Under the Lockme brand, you will find other projects, including world-renowned escape room tabletop games from the Escape Tales series, as well as an information and entertainment website - Escape Buzz.

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    My Cuda Robimy
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    Eleven Puzzles
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Stress test 2024 summary
Stress test 2024 summary

On Saturday, May 25, players played an introduction to this year's Championship - a stress test. How did the tests go and how many people took part in them?

ER Champ 2024 dates
ER Champ 2024 dates

When will ER Champ 2024 take place? We know the dates of this year's World Escape Room Championship and we would like to share them with you!

New ER Champ features
New ER Champ features

We recently launched the new ER Champ website and informed you that we are still working on new features. And now is the time to sum up the latest changes!

Work on ER Champ 2024 has begun
Work on ER Champ 2024 has begun

The World Escape Room Championship attracts thousands of players from around the world every year. The finals of last year's Championship took place at Hydropolis in Wrocław. We recently announced the start of prepara...

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