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How to take up the gauntlet?

To play, you need to create a team in which, apart from you, there will be at least one other person. Each of you has to play on your own device. Your team's progress is shared by members, but each player can be in a different room at the same time as the other player. Just like in a real escape room!

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Team of 2-4 players


2018 Eliminations

2018 Eliminations

Try our first point and click game in ER Champ. This is a classic jailbreak scenario. As prisoners, you must find a way out of the dungeons. This game is relatively difficult and long. It will be perfect for your cooperation, communication, and logical thinking abilities.
System test

System test

It is a very simple stage in terms of puzzles and appearance that will allow you to familiarize yourself with our interface. It is worth starting your adventure with ER Champ from this level to see what fun with our games looks like.
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