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How to take up the gauntlet?

To play, you need to create a team in which, apart from you, there will be at least one other person. Each of you has to play on your own device. Your team's progress is shared by members, but each player can be in a different room at the same time as the other player. Just like in a real escape room!

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Team of 2-4 players


2020 Finale

2020 Finale

The first online competition finale in ER Champ history. This is a spinoff of the story from this years' eliminations, when you had to sneak into the SEKUREX headquarters to test their security features. There is a relatively short but demanding stage ahead of you. World champions solved it in less than 50 minutes.
2020 Eliminations

2020 Eliminations

You will face the story of a young server administrator who has to deal with a system failure as a result of which the World Escape Room Championship may not happen. It is a story full of plot twists and humor that will make anyone laugh. The level is relatively long, but its difficulty level is quite moderate.
2020 Stress test

2020 Stress test

This is the test stage from 2020. A short 10-minute game that allowed us to test the power of our servers. This stage was prepared by Hanna and Tomasz - lock.me employees and takes place in a room imitating the lock.me office.

Organizers and collaborators


  • iTopissimi

  • Daisuke Yamakata

    Daisuke Yamakata
  • Sandra Janrell

    Sandra Janrell
  • IndianaJohan


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