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How to take up the gauntlet?

To play, you need to create a team in which, apart from you, there will be at least one other person. Each of you has to play on your own device. Your team's progress is shared by members, but each player can be in a different room at the same time as the other player. Just like in a real escape room!

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Team of 2-4 players


Eliminations 2023

Eliminations 2023

Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away....

Getting out of an escape pod that crashed into the surface of an alien planet is just the beginning.... You have no contact with the base, you are stuck with each other.

After a look around your surroundings, you come to the conclusion that the only salvation for you is to get to a mysterious outpost hidden behind a technologically complex entrance. However, there is a chance that inside you will meet the unfriendly inhabitants of this planet.

You are driven by extreme emotions. What if the base is abandoned and you will be safe inside?

Despite your fears, you decide to get inside. First, however, you must work out the strange panel system at the entrance. The oxygen in your supplies is rapidly dwindling.... You must hurry!
2023 Stress test

2023 Stress test

Systems failure, we are falling. I repeat - we are falling... ☄️

Your pioneering mission to explore a new planet has taken a wrong turn. A ship malfunction forced you to make an emergency landing in an escape pod that crashed on the surface of an unknown, strange planet covered with menacing fungus-like organisms🍄

If you don’t get out of the capsule, you will face the imminent end! Do your best, because your lives depend on it 👩‍🚀
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