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ER Champ is a free international escape room championship. To participate you must have a team of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people. Each player will also need a computer with internet access. Anyone can take part in the competition. Learn more about the process and join in!

Most important info

2-4 people in a team
Free participation
14 games
Create an account for free

Create an account for free

To participate in the competition you must have an account on Setting it up is completely free. This account will allow you to join or create your own team to compete in the championship.

To create an account, go to the registration page (the link is below). Fill out the quick registration form or use the option to create an account using external services. After completing the form, a verification link will arrive in your mailbox. After authorization, your account is ready to go!

Your profile
Create a team or join one

Create a team or join one

In order to participate in the competition or play our games, you must have a team of at least two players. One person acts as the team captain, responsible for the final composition of the team.

If you want to join an existing team, all you have to do is ask their captain to send you an email invitation. After receiving the message and clicking the link there, you will become an official member of the team. If you are creating a new team or you are the captain, you can manage members and edit your team details on its profile page. Only the captain can send new invitations.

Your team
accept the rules

accept the rules

If you want to take part in the championship, you must, as the team captain, accept the ER Champ regulations. Then every member of your team must take the same step. Without this, the game will not be possible. If a member of your team tries to join the game before you accept the rules, they will receive a message that the game is not possible at this time.

We encourage you to read the regulations because they contain important information about our competitions, such as descriptions of individual stages and the possibility of disqualification of competitors from the Championships. Knowing these rules will allow you to fully enjoy participating in our unique tournament.

ER Champ regulations

How it works

The championship consists of two stages: online qualifications and in-person finals. Participation in the qualifications is open to any enrolled team. Each year, only a certain number of teams advance to the finals. The online games are cooperative point-and-click escape room games, while the finals are classic in-person escape rooms.

Qualifications and stress test

Qualifications and stress test

The first stage, the online qualifications, is always preceded by the so-called stress test. This is a short game that allows us to check the readiness of the system for the actual competition. The stress test is not mandatory, but we always ask that as many people as possible take part in it. It helps us prepare everything optimally. It also acts as the prologue to that year's story.

Qualifications for the competition are mandatory and any team that wants to become world champions must take part in them. All teams play concurrently, starting the game at a certain time. Only a certain number of teams that solve the game the fastest are invited to the finals.

See how the interface works


The final of the competition takes place live at a designated place and time. The best teams in the world solve escape rooms to see who is the best.

ER Champ Final is a prestigious event in which many teams would like to play. We always strive to run our events in the atmosphere of fair play. The competition is streamed live around the world, but there is also an area for fans to follow the teams in-person.

Watch the video from ER Champ 2023

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