We are pleased to announce that Bluekey has joined the group of ER Champ 2021 sponsors. Thanks to them, the winners of this year's edition of the championship will receive an Oculus Quest 2 set and will be able to take part in very interesting escape room projects and appear in a VR Game.

Who is the new sponsor of ER Champ 2021?
Bluekey is a company founded by the creator and publisher of VR games Gamedust, aimed at creating new value for the virtual escape room entertainment market. Their products will stand out with their high immersion and innovative approach to games on VR platforms. To achieve this goal, Bluekey has gathered a group of partners with extensive experience in creating this type of product. Soon you will be able to play one of their games yourself.

Thanks to the cooperation with Bluekey, the best teams this year will receive attractive prizes:
  • ER Champ 2021 winners will receive an Oculus Quest 2 kit;
  • The first three teams will be able to place their image / nickname or other traces in one of the first three escape rooms shown in the VR game title released at the beginning of 2022.

oculus.png 59.89 KB

Finding yourself in a new VR production from Bluekey is a unique opportunity. As we know, "the little things" in escape rooms are one of the most important elements that build the atmosphere. Now some of you will be able to contribute directly to this. The form of the 'easter egg' with the winners will vary between the rooms and will be developed in cooperation with the Bluekey team.

How to take part in the competition?
To join the championship, all you need is to set up a team (2-4 people) and take part in the online eliminations on November 13 at 16:00 UTC. The competition will be in the form of an escape room point and click game. Participation is completely free.