How to build a team of winners

How to build a team of winners

In fact, there is no recipe for a hundred percent, complete success. It's a bit like a cake - sometimes it will come out, sometimes not. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t help by adding baking powder or moreover the right people for your team.

Regardless of whether we take part in the online qualifiers or in the local stage, it is important for the team to be coordinated and have no problems either with communication between themselves or with cooperation. It is worth thinking about building a team with whom you were previously at least once in the real escape room.While playing in the room, your good and bad sides will come out and there is no better way to get the feedback than to observe your own actions during the game.Having fun is important but if you are serious about semi-final rooms, it is worth choosing a team whose members are simply able to get along. Choosing someone you don’t like or you can’t handle, may turn to be a fatal shot in the foot.

Although everyone in the team brings a piece of himself to the mutual success, the heart and the soul of the team is the captain, so it’s worth choosing a communicative person with the leadership skills. The captain has a lot of responsibility, so this choice can significantly contribute to your success. It is definitely a great asset to be able to divide tasks among the team members

The experience of individual players is important. Of course, luck often has a big impact on the outcome of the games and has nothing to do with the number of rooms visited by them. If the players know what to focus on, the win will be easier and faster.

It will be also useful to divide tasks between players. It's a bit like a real room - one person is looking, the other one is putting things in one place, the third combines the facts, the fourth is thrown first into the second room, so that the wolves would eat it faster and the others could continue playing. If each of you will know what scope of tasks belongs to you and will be able to contribute their result as part of the game, you don’t have to worry about the final results.

What should the perfect team look like? Given that each team is a minimum of two, and a maximum of four people, it would look like this:

Leader, or team captain, who can motivate team members to fight and never give up. It would be great if this person had a phone with him so we could always have the opportunity to receive and consult important information.

The brain, or the person who thinks logically, quickly combines the facts and knows the number of pi at least to the thirtieth decimal place. It is really a person who can connect information together under the time pressure.

An observer, a person who can look and find even the most hidden elements. A person whose eye can’t escape, would be really a great treasure for the team.

Romantic, or a person who will act intuitively and interpret all signs and facts. Many riddles are based on guesswork and somebody who can use emotions to transfer the found information to the exit key will be useful.

We hope that our advice will limit the number of quarrels in the group to a minimum, and your victory is only a matter of time. Break your padlocks!

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