Stress test 2024 summary

Stress test 2024 summary

On Saturday, May 25, players played an introduction to this year's Championship - a stress test. How did the tests go and how many people took part in them?

A stress test is a load test on our systems that we have been carrying out for years. Such a test allows us to check the performance of our servers, system operation and detect any errors.
This year, a record number of players took part in the stress test! We can confidently say that in the first hour of the stress test there were twice as many players as last year! Here are some numbers:

221 teams started the game
486 players join stress test
224,335 actions all players performed
07m19s the fastest team needed to complete the stress test!

The Polish team, Centralna Szysia, turned out to be the fastest. Bravo!

Qualifying in a month

In just over a month we meet at the most important stage of the Championship - the qualifications. We would like to remind you that the time is counted from the start of the final (June 29, 16:00 UTC), not from the moment the team starts playing.
Therefore, it is worth to:

- register and create a team in advance if you don't have an account/team yet;
- check if all members are on the same team;
- ensure a stable internet connection;
- ensure that every player has access to their own equipment that meets the requirements of our games. The game may not work on devices that are too small, so we recommend playing on, for example, laptops or PCs. It's best to test your device first with games from previous years;
- login to your account before start.

More useful information about the game can be found HERE.

See you on June 29 at qualification stage!

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