What to see in Wrocław? Our suggestions

What to see in Wrocław? Our suggestions

Are you planning to visit Wrocław for the Escape Room Championship? Great! However, ER Champ is only one day, and you probably want to stay a little longer in Wroclaw. What to visit, where to go, what not to miss? Here is our subjective list of the most interesting Wroclaw attractions - paid and free.


There are many museums in Wroclaw - a contemporary museum, a natural history museum, and an archeological museum. We highly recommend all of them, but we want to recommend to you the most out-of-the-ordinary ones, which you will find only here or in very few other cities in Poland or the world.


Hydropolis is where this year's finale is happening. But above all, it is a wonderful museum that we recommend to everyone - children, teenagers, and adults alike will delight in this place. The Hydropolis Environmental Education Center is a treasure trove of knowledge about water, combined with a modern form of exhibition. The museum is located in a 19th-century underground reservoir of pure water, which served its function until the 21st century.

hydro_strefy22_L--23 (1).jpg 584.31 KB

Using multimedia shows, interactive installations, replicas, and models, the museum wants to show water from different perspectives and convey to viewers what a valuable resource it is. Here you will hear the legend of Polish nature documentaries - Krystyna Czubówna, touch water and see what hides at the bottom of the seas and oceans.

On Saturday, October 7, the museum will be closed to the public, but the day before and after the competition - Friday and Sunday, visits will be possible during the museum's standard operating hours.


MovieGate is a film museum where you can see real props from many Hollywood productions. The museum is located in the basement of Plac Solny, famous for its 24-hour flower shops. Salt Square is located right next to Wroclaw's Market Square.

IMG_20230919_130747.jpg 1.02 MB

The museum's collection includes props such as an authentic piece of the Death Star from the film "Star Wars IV: A New Hope" and one of the cars of the famous James Bond spy. You'll also come across the Aragog spider, which every Harry Potter fan is sure to recognize. Rest assured, this one won't try to feed you to your children!

Computers of a Bygone Era - Museum of Games

Museum of Games and Computers is a place that every geek must visit! Here you will find, among other things, legendary game consoles such as Magnavox Odyssey, Atari, Nintendo, or the absolute classic that brings back childhood memories of the 1990s - Pegasus. In addition to consoles, you will see numerous models of old computers (Commodore, Amiga, Apple) and slot machines.

It should be noted that Computers of a Bygone Era is not an ordinary museum. Here you will not only see old equipment but also play on it. Nearly 50 stands with computers, consoles, and arcade machines are available to visitors.

Not enough? For fans of old newspapers, the museum offers a reading corner with copies of magazines from the 1980s and 1990s.


If you like trains and mock-ups, this place is definitely for you. Kolejkowo is an extraordinary place where you will feel like a giant traversing the land of Lower Silesia in a 25-fold reduction. Here you will find 242 buildings of urban, rural, and mountain scenery, including miniatures of authentic buildings from Lower Silesia, such as the Świebodzki railway station, Wroclaw's market square, the meteorological observatory on Mt. Śnieżka, as well as real streets with stores. 

Kolejkowo is located in Wrocław's tallest building, the Sky Tower, and covers an area of 900 square meters. 


Recent summers in Wroclaw have shown that even October days can be warm and sunny, so if the weather is good, it's worth going for a walk. And where?

Find all Dwarfs

Wrocław has been famous for its dwarves for years, and searching for them around the city has become somewhat of a local sport. Seemingly a game for children, it is also enjoyed by adults - we work at the market square and have seen a lot!

How to set off on the trail of Wroclaw's dwarfs? You can look for them in several ways. The first is a paper map of dwarves, which you can get at tourist information points or Krasnal Info in the Wroclaw market square. The map covers about 60 dwarves in and around the market square.

IMG_20230919_130921.jpg 1.42 MB

The second way is to download the "Wroclaw Dwarves" application for your phone. The app is paid. You can find it in the Play Store and the App Store.

There are currently almost 400 in all of Wroclaw (although we found sources that report many, many more!). It would take a really long time to find them all.

Zoo and amazing Afrykarium

Wroclaw Zoo is the oldest zoo in Poland - it was founded in 1865. It currently covers an area of 33 hectares and is home to more than a thousand species (about 10,000 animals!).

Worth a visit is the amazing Afrykarium - the largest oceanarium in Poland, built from the heart of the zoo, which is home to many tropical species - hippos, crocodiles, manatees, many ocean animals such as sharks and turtles, and many others. You'll also encounter the famous buzzard, or Philippine canary, here.

Multimedia fountain shows and the Wroclaw Pergola

The Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain is the largest in Poland and one of the largest attractions of its kind in Europe. The structure occupies an area of almost 1 hectare, and at its bottom, the constructors placed light points, 300 water jets, and 3 fire jets.

Shows are held every day at every full hour from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (the last evening show at 9:40 pm). We especially recommend the weekend special shows, which take place on Fridays and Saturdays at 9:45 p.m. The water and light harnesses presented after dark are especially delightful!

The fountain show season runs until October 22, so you'll still have time to catch one! The show is completely free, just come and admire it.

While enjoying the show, you should also visit the area around the fountain. The Wroclaw pergola around the fountain is a popular photo spot - no wonder, as the ivy-covered stone structure makes for a fairy-tale atmosphere. The area is also home to the Centennial Hall, a popular venue for concerts or various fairs, as well as the Japanese Garden, especially recommended for lovers of exotic plants and aesthetic spaces.

IMG_3947 (1) (1).jpg 1.63 MB

Evening walk around the old town

After a day full of excitement, it's worth relaxing during an evening stroll through the atmospheric corners of Wroclaw. Starting from the Market Square, we recommend heading towards the main building of Wroclaw University, lit up in gold in the evening. You can also see the building very well from Słodowa Island - the legendary place of student outings. From there, along the river, you'll reach Xawery Dunikowski Boulevard, a popular meeting place with a view of Ostrow Tumski. 

Ostrów is another place on the map of your evening excursion. You can get to it in two ways:

It's worth going to Ostrów when it starts to get dark. Why go. It is the only place in Wroclaw with gas lanterns still in operation, lit daily by a lighthouse keeper. This is a unique tourist attraction!
Wroclaw from above

Sky Tower

Sky Tower is the tallest building in Wroclaw, visible from as far away as a few dozen kilometers from the city. The Sky Tower houses stores, apartments, offices, a gym, but also an observation point located on the 49th floor of this glass tower. A super-fast elevator will take you to the vantage point located about 200 meters above the ground.

We recommend choosing this attraction when the weather is good, because if it's too overcast you may find yourself rocking...

Bridge of Penitents

The Bridge of the Penitents, or Bridge of the Witches, is an alternative for those who don't like elevators, but would still like to see Wroclaw from above. The bridge is located at a height of (only) 45 meters above the ground and connects the two towers of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, located on Szewska Street, just off Wroclaw's Market Square.

krasnale-5-768x512.jpg 93.96 KB

There are 247 stairs leading up to the bridge, but the view of Wroclaw's old town and nearby market square rewards the effort. If you decide to look for Wroclaw's dwarves, the climb to the bridge won't pass you by - at the very top, you'll meet two charming dwarves in pointy hats. 

Escape rooms

We know very well what information escape room fans are looking for most in this article. After all, that's what people from all over the world come here for in October!

There are 57 escape rooms in Wroclaw at the moment, and the offer is diverse - from rooms for the first time to those for really experienced teams. It is Wroclaw that can boast a room that is in the top 10 best rooms in the world according to TERPECA. We are, of course, talking about the Abandoned Hotel from Exit19.pl, which has been a content partner of our competitions for years.

How to find an escape room for yourself? Some time ago we prepared a guide that will work not only in Wroclaw, but also in many other Polish cities!

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