Work on ER Champ 2024 has begun

Work on ER Champ 2024 has begun

The World Escape Room Championship attracts thousands of players from around the world every year. The finals of last year's Championship took place at Hydropolis in Wrocław. We recently announced the start of preparations for the next edition. What have we already revealed about ER Champ 2024?

ER Champ Team 2024

Work on this year's edition began at the end of 2023 when we opened applications for the Program Team. As you probably already know, the Program Team is a group that collaborates with us on the puzzles and storyline of the Championships. Previous years have shown us that collaborating with other puzzle creators has had a positive impact on the reception of the Championships and your satisfaction with the games. The upcoming edition will be the third in which we have invited external individuals to co-create the puzzles.

Every Wednesday on our Facebook page, we will introduce you to the members of the Program Team 2024.

Players have chosen the story setting

This year, we decided to leave the decision about the overall story setting to the players. On our Discord channel, ER Champ - World Escape Room Championship, we posted a poll with 7 setting proposals suggested by members of the Program Team. In a short, four-day poll, the story titled "TV-Maniacs" gathered the most votes and won.

"TV-Maniacs" is a story about a pair of TV enthusiasts who spend their entire days in front of their beloved TV set. Due to an inexplicable event, they are transported into the television world and cannot escape from it.

Soon, we will share more details about this year's storyline with you!

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