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As in 2020, ER Champ 2021 was completely online. Thanks to this, teams from all over the world could take part in them without any problems! The players competed with each other in two stages - the elimination stage, whose task was to select the best 100 teams and the grand finale. Before the elimination stage, a stress test took place, i.e. the stress test of the elimination system, which was the first chapter of the story that had to be discovered during ER Champ 2021.

About this edition

This year, as part of the competition, the competitors faced the story of Ethan Rosenberg, a child who went missing under mysterious circumstances. Ethan was last seen by his mother in the evening. There is no trace of him. As a group of investigators, the teams had to find out what happened to the little boy as quickly as possible.

The participants of this edition already know how this story turned out and, of course, how it ended. However, if you are reading this in the future and you don't know the story yet, you and your team can experience this story at any time and try to solve the mystery. Find out more in the Our Games and Rules tabs!

The sponsors of ER Champ 2021 were:

  • BlueKey, which funded the Oculus Quest 2 set for the winners and provided the opportunity to present your image in the first three VR games for teams with the podium,
  • Board & Dice publishing house, which funded a set of all this year's board game premieres for the teams from the podium.

The media patrons of ER Champ 2021 were:

  • Escape the Review - an extensive database of escape rooms created in Great Britain, in which, apart from stationary rooms, you will also find browser games, board games and books;
  • ESCAPETHEROOMers - a blog founded by our friends from overseas, Cici and Brandon, who organize the Bullseye Award gala, since 2018 they have been sharing their escape room passion with readers and have already visited over 500 rooms;
  • Daisuke Yamakata - real-life game creator, escape room enthusiast and competition ambassador from Japan, thanks to whom the popularity of ER Champ in Japan is constantly growing;
  • escapetalk.nl - directory of escape rooms from the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium, bringing together fans and owners of escape rooms and creating a knowledge base about rooms in BeNeLux countries;
  • Escape Tales - A series of board games and puzzle books by Lockme, published by Board & Dice.



1 Place



2 Place


Far East Solvers / HYDRA

3 Place

Far East Solvers / HYDRA


Stress test

Online Eliminations

Online Finale

Organizers and collaborators


  • iTopissimi

  • Daisuke Yamakata

    Daisuke Yamakata
  • Sandra Janrell

    Sandra Janrell
  • IndianaJohan


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