Rooms For Sale

As part of the championship, we create unique scenarios that challenge the best players in the world. After each competition, there is a very strong interest among the community to confront these rooms and the results that the final teams have achieved. That's why we now offer you the opportunity to purchase our escape rooms along with a license for your entire country.


Support ER Champ

By deciding to buy ER Champ rooms you support the organization of the next edition of the competition and become part of the movement. All proceeds from the sale of rooms are used to organize the next championship. By entering into cooperation with us you become a patron of the competition and contribute to the popularization of escape rooms as a form of entertainment, but also an unconventional field of "sport".

License on ER Champ sign and location restrictions

Along with the room, you get a license from us to use the ER Champ brand communication and image for promotion. In addition, we restrict sales so that only one room of a given type can be found in a given country. This ensures that you are the one that ER Champ enthusiasts and competition-minded escape room fans will come to.

Available scenarios

The Cube

The Cube

Championship: ER Champ 2023

Players are tasked with extracting two energy cores that are hidden inside a specially designed vault.

The scenario tests perceptiveness and spatial thinking skills. Players must first open the specially built cubicle to proceed to solve a series of puzzles that will allow them to extract the cores and complete the mission.

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Teleportation Chamber

Teleportation Chamber

Championship: ER Champ 2023

The players' task is to calibrate the 4 pedestals located in the teleportation chamber - this will allow them to get the coordinates of Earth and safely teleport back home.

This scenario tests cooperation and the ability to manage time and space. Players solve 4 seemingly independent pedestals, which, however, come together over time and require cooperation.

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Play the final rooms!

Below you will find a map and a list of companies where you can play in the Escape Room World Championship scenarios. Challenge yourself against the best in the world and compare your times with the best teams.

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