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Stress test 2024 summary
Stress test 2024 summary

On Saturday, May 25, players played an introduction to this year's Championship - a stress test. How did the tests go and how many people took part in them?

Meet ER Champ

ER Champ is an international escape room competition, where teams from all over the world compete to get the best score in solving puzzle rooms. Every year, participants in this competition can be counted in the thousands, and the number only keeps growing. Our partners in the previous years included such brands as X-Men Dark Phoenix, the City of Wrocław, Traficar, BlueKey, Board&Dice, and Hydropolis.

  • 2024

    Become the 2024 world champion!

  • 2023

    We return to the hybrid format with offline finals in Wrocław

    1692 Participants
    532 Teams
  • 2022

    The last edition played in a fully-online format

    2100 Participants
    660 Teams
  • 2021

    Another edition of ER Champ played exclusively online

    2670 Participants
    823 Teams
  • 2020

    Due to the pandemic, the competition has no offline stages

    2500 Participants
    723 Teams
  • 2019

    The championship becomes open to players from all over the world

    2800 Participants
    800 Teams
  • 2018

    The second championship in our history

    2750 Participants
    892 Teams
  • 2017

    The first edition of the championship

    1767 Participants
    537 Teams

Program Team


Play the final rooms!

Below you will find a map and a list of companies where you can play in the Escape Room World Championship scenarios. Challenge yourself against the best in the world and compare your times with the best teams. Check out the offer

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