ER Champ 2022

ER Champ 2022

ER Champ 2022 was the last edition of the championship played exclusively online. The competition consisted of 3 stages - an optional stress test, qualifications and finals, with more than 100 of the best teams qualifying. Developed together with the Program Team, the games took the players to the office of a certain clinic with modern technology for reading minds.






This was the 3rd edition of the online competition and it consisted of 3 stages - stress test, qualifications and finals. Due to changes in the game engine, the stress test was held twice this year (October 8 and 27).

A completely new feature were live streams on YouTube, which took place before the qualifications and finals. They were conducted by Olga and Paweł, members of ER Champ Team.

Trivia and statistics

  • More than 6.5 million actions were performed during the qualifications.
  • 116 teams (100 regular + 16 wild card) made it to the finals.
  • 113 teams with 409 players actively participated in the finals.
  • 95 teams completed the final in the regulation time of 4 hours.
  • Players in the final performed 1,111,278 actions.


Online games

Live stream

In 2022, we have started the tradition of holding live streams before the qualifications and the finals. In the video, we introduce the background of the competition, discuss the work involved, and answer your questions live.

Qualifications live stream

Final live stream


2022 program team




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ER Champ 2022 - official results
ER Champ 2022 - official results

On 26.11.2022 at 16 UTC, the finals of the ER Champ 2022 competition took place. Also, this year the championship had an international character - more than a hundred teams from different corners of the world stood up...

Official results of the ER Champ 2022 qualifications
Official results of the ER Champ 2022 qualifications

Qualifications for the next edition of the World Escape Room Championship, or ER Champ 2022, took place on November 5, 2022 at 16:00 UTC. This year, several hundred teams, consisting of 2 to 4 players, competed for th...

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