New Website

New Website

We have just launched our new ER Champ website in beta version. We have prepared many new features for you, as well as refreshed some you are already familiar with.

Lots of new information!

We have fully refreshed all information about past editions. You can follow all our games from the very beginning, check when they took place and who won. We have also rebuilt the entire section explaining how to set up a team for the competition and how to play using our system.

We have also prepared a completely new layout and navigation for the qualification games, which you can conveniently filter by year.

Rooms for sale

A new section was added to the site, where you can get acquainted with our offer of rooms for sale. You now have the opportunity to purchase the scenarios that the Champions have faced in our competitions. By buying them you support ER Champ - all proceeds from the sale are used to organize future competitions. We, in turn, additionally assure you that no one else in your country will be able to own these scenarios. Check out our offer here.

Beta version and upcoming features

The site is currently published in beta version. This means that you may find some minor bugs and not all intended functions are available yet. Soon we will add things including but not limited to:
- galleries from competitions,
- expanded profiles of all our games,
- the ability to view teams participating in competitions,
- the ability to personalize your profile better.

We'd like to invite you to contribute to our site

If you notice any bugs or issues, or would like to get involved in the creation of the site, please reach out to us over the ER Champ discord.

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