Teleportation Chamber

The players' task is to calibrate the 5 modules located in the teleportation chamber - this will allow them to get the coordinates of the land they need to teleport to. This scenario tests cooperation and the ability to manage time and space. Players solve 4 seemingly independent modules which come together over time and require cooperation.

5500 EUR (+ shipping cost)
2 months production time
License for ER Champ trade mark included in the price


After you've managed to get the two power cores (from The Cube), now you have to use them to kickstart the teleportation machine. In front of you there are four control modules which seem somehow connected. You have to solve all the puzzles to get the coordinates of Earth, enter them into the system, and set off on your journey back home.

The room is a continuation of the storyline from the online qualification for ER Champ 2023.


The entire stage consists of 5 independent freestanding stands. They are made of plywood and are stylized as elements of a space station. One of the stands is used for timekeeping. In each of the stands are hidden puzzles. Most of them are analog, but each stand requires connection to electricity.

ER Champ license

Along with the scenario, you will receive a license from us to use the ER Champ logo for promotion. In addition, we will provide you with a package of graphic materials.

What is important: you also receive a guarantee that a second such product will not appear in your country.

Game flow

Puzzles in The Teleportation Chamber

Gameplay discussion

Watch the description of the gameplay by one of its creators, Jakub Caban. Jakub introduces the main ideas and shows the various elements.

Special offer

Buy two rooms and get a lower price

The Cube and the Teleportation Chamber are connected by storyline. This means that implementing them together in your company will be a great solution and will allow your customers to experience the whole story and the full atmosphere of the escape room championship. In a situation where you decide to purchase two scenarios at once, you will pay 10000 EUR for both.


Other rooms

The Cube

The Cube

Championship: ER Champ 2023

Players are tasked with extracting two energy cores that are hidden inside a specially designed vault.

The scenario tests perceptiveness and spatial thinking skills. Players must first open the specially built cubicle to proceed to solve a series of puzzles that will allow them to extract the cores and complete the mission.

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