ER Champ 2019

In 2019 we took the first major step in the evolution of the competition's format. Previous editions had proven that this type of entertainment is missing not only in Poland but across the world. Until now, the competition had been available mainly for Polish players, but in 2019 we turned it into the Polish Open Escape Room Championships, inviting non-Polish speaking contestand to participate. The games featured multiple language support.





About the championship

The competition consisted of three stages: online qualifications, regional qualifications and the final. However, compared to previous editions, they had modified formats.

The first stage had the players meet Henryk - a corpo employee who is getting married and, as part of his bachelor party, has to overcome a series of tasks prepared by his colleagues. Fastest teams to complete his storyline would qualify for the regional stage. A number of teams from outside of Poland took part in the online qualifications, including some from Japan - one of them not only made it to the next stage, but also took part in it, flying to Poland for this purpose.

The regional qualifications were held in Poznań at the Malta shopping mall, where each team had one scenario to go through, specifically prepared for the occasion. The game was based on the plot of the film "X-Men: Dark Phoenix," which sponsored the event. After this stage, 14 teams were qualified to play on and have a chance to win the title of Polish Champions.

The contractor who crafted the qualification room was Mysterious Room from Łódź, while the ER Champ team was responsible for the scenario. After the completion of this stage, fans of the championship were also able to play in the room.

The semi-finals and finals of the competition took place in Warsaw. The semi-final games were located at the headquarters of the Black Cat company. The teams were tasked with achieving best completion time in two rooms that were built specifically for the competition. The first game was centered around a hospital bed, while the second took place in a treasure vault. The two scenarios were linked by a storyline, casting players as characters of the A-Team.

The three teams with best times in the semi-final rooms played in the as-yet unopened Old Wardrobe room, built by the Warsaw-based company Świat Zagadek.


Online games

Rooms from the competition




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    Lockme is a worldwide marketplace of escape rooms. Currently, it has a database of almost 4,000 escape rooms in 13 European countries and supports 7 languages. Under the Lockme brand, you will find other projects, including world-renowned escape room tabletop games from the Escape Tales series, as well as an information and entertainment website - Escape Buzz.

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    X-Men: Dark Phoenix
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    Mysterious Room
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    Galeria Malta
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    Świat Zagadek
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    Black Cat Escape Room
Qualification at local level
Qualification at local level

Local level qualifications, also known as regional, will take place on June 8th-9th at Galeria Malta in Poznań, in a specially designated championship zone.

Online qualifications for the PolandEscape 2019
Online qualifications for the PolandEscape 2019

The first edition of the competition in the escape room is called PolandEscape. It was established in 2017 with a huge success, which during the time enjoyed a growing interest of players from all over Poland. In the...

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