ER Champ 2021

ER Champ 2021

As in 2020, the ER Champ 2021 was held completely online. This made it easy for teams from all over the world to participate! Players competed against each other in two stages - the qualifications and the grand finals. Before the qualifying stage, there was a stress test, which helped us test our servers and introduce the first chapter of the ER Champ 2021 story.






The contestants followed the story of Ethan Rosenberg, a child who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Ethan was last seen by his mother in the evening of the previous day. The boy disappeared without a trace. The teams, as groups of investigators, had to determine what happened to the little boy and help him return home - as quickly as possible, of course!

International format

The internationalization of the Championship that started in 2020 kicked into full gear by 2021, allowing players from all over the world to take part in the competition. We were truly overwhelmed by the number of players from countries all over the world!


Online games





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    Lockme is a worldwide marketplace of escape rooms. Currently, it has a database of almost 4,000 escape rooms in 13 European countries and supports 7 languages. Under the Lockme brand, you will find other projects, including world-renowned escape room tabletop games from the Escape Tales series, as well as an information and entertainment website - Escape Buzz.

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Official results of ER Champ 2021
Official results of ER Champ 2021

On November 27, 2021, at 16:00 UTC, the ER CHAMP 2021 final took place. This is the fifth edition of our competition, the second under the name ER CHAMP (previously: PolandEscape). The competition was international on...

Official ER Champ 2021 qualification results
Official ER Champ 2021 qualification results

The qualification stage of World Escape Room Championship ER Champ 2021 took place on November 13, at 16:00 UTC. 832 teams, 2 to 4 players each, signed up for the competition. The best teams will play in the finale a...

ER Champ 2021 main prize
ER Champ 2021 main prize

We are pleased to announce that Bluekey has joined the group of ER Champ 2021 sponsors. Thanks to them, the winners of this year's edition of the championship will receive an Oculus Quest 2 set and will be able to tak...

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