ER Champ 2018

The second edition of our escape room competition (then still under the name Poland Escape) was a multi-stage event. Due to the enthusiastic reception of the Championship by puzzle game fans, we decided to expand the scope of the stages and the competition as a whole.





About the championship

Similarly to the first edition of the competition, players had three stages to go through: online qualifications, local qualifications, and the final, which was preceded by semi-final games. The first stage was a point-and-click game, with nearly 900 teams participating.

The teams that made it past the online qualifications faced one another in the regional stage organized in five Polish cities: Kraków, Katowice, Bydgoszcz, Warsaw, and Wrocław. The escape rooms chosen for this stage weren't opened to the public at the time, which meant none of the teams had the opportunity to play in them beforehand.

The semi-final stage as well as the final took place in Wrocław, Poland. It started at the Surowiec club, where the teams had to go through the first scenario - The Booth (Polish "Budka"). The main goal was to free one of the team members, who was locked inside a booth. Interestingly, only two teams got out of The Booth in the allotted time. You can put yourself to test and try to beat the champions' time, as the room is still open to the public - now under the name Prison Escape at Exit19 in Wrocław.

The second room the teams had to face was Siren Song (Polish "Syreni Śpiew") by Fox O'Clock from Wrocław. The added times of the two games determined which three teams advanced to the final, where they'd try to solve the final room - King Arthur's Dungeons by Exit19.

This edition's partner was (Polish for "protect your personal ID number"). There is a funny anecdote to be shared here. In the online qualifying stage, there was a certain task that some players took slightly too literally. So instead of performing only tasks on the computer screen (as you would when playing any point-and-click games), the players started calling the service's hotline. Legend has it the lady answering the calls was lovely but she didn't give out any codes to the game.


Online games

Rooms from the competition




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    Lockme is a worldwide marketplace of escape rooms. Currently, it has a database of almost 4,000 escape rooms in 13 European countries and supports 7 languages. Under the Lockme brand, you will find other projects, including world-renowned escape room tabletop games from the Escape Tales series, as well as an information and entertainment website - Escape Buzz.

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