Online qualifications for the PolandEscape 2019

Online qualifications for the PolandEscape 2019

The first edition of the competition in the escape room is called PolandEscape. It was established in 2017 with a huge success, which during the time enjoyed a growing interest of players from all over Poland. In the last year, about 50% more participants took part in the PolandEscape

This year we hope that this small record will be beaten - the more so as the formula of the competition will be open and English-and German-speaking players will be able to take part in PolandEscape.

However, before we move our thoughts into the special room of the final competition, the players have a few months of emotions and work to get to it. In this article, we will tell you exactly what the first stage of our championships will look like, ie the qualification via the Internet. We decided to use this method due to the huge amount of volunteers and the qualification of all teams in real rooms would last at least until PolandEscape 2023.

Team captain must have Lockme account to create a team and send invites to other members. It can be easily created from within qualifications system. Remaining team members will have option to create such account during accepting team invite.  Each team must consist of at least two people, one of whom will be the captain - the captain is the person reporting the whole team to PolandEscape. The maximum number of players registered as part of one team is 3 members + one captain.

You do not have to have special thematic knowledge to take a good place and move on. The most important in this - as in any game in the escape room that you certainly know - are creativity, perceptiveness and logical thinking. You can submit your teams via the application form on the home page.

As in the previous editions, players will have to face a specially prepared online game. As in the previous year it will be a form of point-and-click game in which the player moves on a virtual board (in our case, a virtual escape room board will be used) with the mouse pointer. Each player should play on his own computer.

The end of the game will be decided by the final click of one of the team members in which you will play. Time will be measured for everyone in the same way, from May 11, 18:00 CEST until the team solves the puzzles. About 60 best teams will be qualified for the last stage.

If you want to practice a little before the qualification match, you can look at the links below and thus check what it is:

Notpron, PolandEscape qualifications from 2017 (only Polish version):

Point-and-click, PolandEscape qualifications of 2018:

If you have questions that are not answered in this article, you can address them at We also invite you to read the content of the other articles on the championship blog.

May the locks be with you!

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