ER Champ 2024 dates

ER Champ 2024 dates

When will ER Champ 2024 take place? We know the dates of this year's World Escape Room Championship and we would like to share them with you!

In 2024, ER Champ starts in May

This year we are starting earlier! The stress test, an optional stage of the Championship, will take place on May 25. Optional, but very important!

Although the stress test will not affect the overall ranking of the teams, it is an introduction to this year's story. In addition, the stress test is important from our point of view, as it allows us to test the performance of our systems and the game while our servers are under heavy load. Previous tests allowed us to catch bugs and fix them before the start of the Championship proper.

Therefore, we encourage you to come to our site on May 25!

Qualifications this year at the end of June

The qualifications stage for the 8th edition of ER Champ will be held on June 29. Be sure to save this date in your calendars!

We would like to remind you that you must pass the qualifications stage as one of the fastest teams to qualify and compete in the grand finals. Time is counted from the moment the stage is released, not when your team starts playing - so be there on time!

We will announce the date of the ER Champ finals at a later point.

TV Maniacs' crazy adventure

This year, through voting on our discord server, players themselves chose the ER Champ storyline. The winner was the story "TV-Maniacs," telling the adventure of two TV lovers who are drawn into the reality shown on their TV set. To return to the real world, they must find all the remote control buttons scattered across the various TV channels. A complete remote control can restore their freedom. Will they succeed? You'll have to see for yourself!

The latest ER Champ changes

We have recently introduced several changes to ER Champ. We described some of them in a previous article, which you can find in the news section.

One crucial change we haven't told you about is about joining the competition. As always, to take part in the competition, you must have a team of at least two people. Each team captain must accept the ER Champ regulations before joining the game. Then the same step must be taken by each team member. Without this, playing the game will not be possible.

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